A Good Seed Supper is more than a shared meal, it is an event inviting us to expand our perspectives. To facilitate that, each dinner features an engaging question and a speaker who shares a compelling personal story and insight on a significant topic. The evening is also a celebration of locally sourced food made into a delightful culinary experience.  Most of all, a Good Seed Supper gathers us together in meaningful ways to create deeper connection.

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Good Seed Supper

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March 30, 2019: The Genius of Place

Kathy Zarsky looks to the intelligence of the natural world for design solutions in built environments. In her work, she considers the structure of plants, and the micro (and nano) scale architecture of plant and insect surfaces all containing their carefully worked out solutions to living in the world and responding to the conditions of light, heat, water/lack of and so much more. She encouraged us to look carefully at the shapes of leaves, the structure of plants, look closely at the surfaces of insects, and there we will find breathtaking genius- shapes that encourage moisture retention, or air flow, or redirect or distribute light and heat.  A systems designer and biomimicry specialist, Kathy Zarsky works with architects and designers locally and globally.  She is founder and director of holoscollaborative.com
and facebook.com/BiomimicryTX

Beautiful food outdoors, under the stars, at and by The Wayback Cafe.
Menu: +Heirloom Tomatoes, Chevre, Oranges, Fennel, Strawberry, Red Onion, Black Olive Soil +Cauliflower, Radish sautéed in brown butter with rosemary, lemon zest, mint, calendulas +Gulf Red Snapper with Green Tomato Soup over Carolina Gold Rice +Strawberry and Chamomile Sorbet, Lemon Verbena, Wood Sorrel.

February 9, 2019: Signals and Perception

“Our hearts hold immense wisdom, so needed in the world at this time.  Ancient cultures across the globe, as well as many contemporary indigenous traditions, regard the heart as essential for both consciousness and communication.  As is so often the case, modern science is just now catching up to this reality and multiple studies have been published which illustrate that the heart is, in fact, an organ of perception. Herbalist and educator Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs and Garden Party joined us for an experiential evening where we rediscovered the power of this connection firsthand and discussed the profound implications of sensing the world from this place in our daily lives.” -Sophia Rose

La Abeja Herbs at Good Seed Suppers

Menu: +Brassica Wrapped Mushroom and Fermented Wild Onion Dumpling Soup +Slow Roasted Beets with Rose Creme Fraiche. Nettle Powder. Pumpkin Seed Emulsion. Fresh Herbs +Moringa Crusted Fish quick cured in miso. Coconut Pesto. Smoked Root Vegetables. Bitter Greens + Matcha Panna Cotta. Fennel Walnut Crumb. Coconut Ice. Created and executed by integrative Chef Sky Hanka.

The secret life of mushrooms.jpg

December 1, 2018 : The Secret Life of Mushrooms

Daniel Reyes, founder of Myco Alliance in Austin Texas introduced us to the living connectors of all life: mycellium.  Mycelium are the rootlike fibers of fungi which grow beneath the surface of the ground, a dense network of nutrient highways for trees and other life forms. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of mycelium. Daniel explained that all trees (think oxygen making!) have partnered with this underground network and collaborate in mind blowing ways that really show us how EVERYTHING is connected.  And we truly are all one. 

Menu: + braised pippino & lions mane mushrooms in a nettle broth, 2nd with + lambs quarter linguine with seared eryngii and crispy oyster & goat cheese whip 3rd with + duck confit, crispy mushroom medley bread pudding topped with pickled golden oyster mushrooms and reserved roselle beauty berry purée & herbed creme fresh. 4th with + adaptogenic chocolate tart: red belted polypore & chaga chocolate filling topped with candied ginger and candied shitake mushrooms. Created and executed by Integrative Chef Sky Hanka.


November 4, 2018: Community of Beings

At Apis Restaurant and Apiary in Spicewood, TX with a pre-dinner tour of Terra Purezza, regenerative agriculture institute and farm right across the street. Apis owner, change maker and chef Taylor Hall talks about his vision and how we build community.


Farm Fresh Beets
roasted, pickled, and raw beets / fresh cheese / grapefruit / Anson Mills puffed Brewster oats
(from Livin Organics and/or Food Forest)

William Chris Rosé, 2017

“Freedom Rangers” Chicken
smoked chicken and poblano pepper sausage / roasted tomato conserva / Anson Mills Sea Island Red Peas / grilled cabbage / roasted and raw chiles

Mer Soleil 'Silver' Chardonnay, 2017

Red Wattle Tasting Pig and Tortellini
grilled loin and cured belly / morel, beech, maitake, and oyster mushrooms / erbette chard / sweet corn butter / grilled corn

*Vegetarian option available upon request

Pellegrini Pinot Noir, 2017

Green Apple Custard
caramel / chewy roasted apple / apple skin powder / hazelnut toffee

Gonzalez Byass Solera 1847 Cream Sherry

Proteins from this menu are locally sourced from our farm partners at TERRAPUREZZA