Who We Are

We are Natasha and Lana, dear friends who met in NYC almost two decades ago, and forged a deep friendship based on our commitment to living life meaningfully and having fun while doing it. Whether at a Soho dance party


or an art salon, we always found ourselves at the end of the night knee to knee exploring ideas, topics we love and life’s rich possibilities. Now, each of those conversations have become like seeds planted a long time ago. Good Seed Suppers is one of those that has grown and we invite you to share the harvest.


Lana Bernberg


As a food photographer, storyteller and food system change advocate, my lens is focused on the power of food to connect and shape us and our world. With an eye towards the sublime, I celebrate the local and seasonal, and that which delights and nourishes us. I understand that it takes shifts in perspective and mindset to take action that regenerates our health and the health of the planet, and I’m passionate about helping to create the conditions for those shifts. Creative director and story strategist to thought leaders and change makers, I collaborate to create meaningful change.

Lana Bernberg_photographer.jpg

Natasha Antonioni


A self proclaimed creative-minded entrepreneur with a history in the professional world of beauty and luxury real estate with a passion for style and design. After years of owning hair salons, educating nationally and working as a spokesperson for L’oreal, I followed my fervor for home esthetics and architecture to become a top producing luxury REALTOR® and investor in Napa, CA and now Austin.
When I’m not working I enjoy brainstorming ideas with my developer husband, spending time with our two beautiful daughters, getting out in nature or voraciously reading books on personal development. I cherish family, dear friends, cooking and entertaining. As well, cultivating community, meaningful conversations and creating memorable environments is a gratifying pastime and my form of saying thank you to this fascinating thing called life.